Tuesday, April 17, 2012

john baldessari? nope, angel corpus christi

Kevin Teare invited ACC to submit a photo to be included in the OPEN FOR THE STONES show.
Clicked around just now trying to find a good graphic 4 the traveling exhibit, found OPEN SURGERY FOR KIDNEY STONES instead. That's not gonna work.
Anyway, the photo above, RICHREDLIPS is the photo Kevin chose. So i went to the Copper Door to have it float-mounted as Kebn requested.
The Copper Door is a great shop and Alan Pugh, the proprietor, is so elegant. Handsome too(like this)! I can imagine him walking down the streets of his hometown Liverpool in the swingin' 60s looking fabulous.
Another customer came in and saw the photo on the counter and said "John Baldesarri." Since i really like Baldessari i took his remark as a compliment.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy looking 4 my pants.

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pinky said...

tap dancing while playing the according (in your underwear)---that's quite a feat.