Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a(nother)day in the life

Did u ever save potato chips that looked like, say an elephant's head, or maybe a corkscrew? Well, i dont eat potato chips much these days, but i WILL save this instead of eating it. It would probably sell for alot on ebay.
Went 2 the gym this morning, and BFF Rich accidentally handed his driver's license instead of his gym i.d. card to the check-in person who said, "uh, no, i need your gym i.d card please." BFF Rich said, "Oh. The same person's picture is on both of them, so i get confused sometimes." And the counter-guy said "I understand." Funny.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy having sticker shock.
And how YOU doin'?


sasha said...

is your hand ok?

Rich said...

better thank u, but not better enuff 2 do dishes yet ha ha. thanks bff rich 4putting on the apron!