Sunday, August 03, 2008

shine a light

Hello. Finally saw the Scorsese/Stones movie. A really loved it, BFF Rich was a little bored but said he was bored in a good way. There are some great moments 4 sure, especially Charlie's comments, both present and past. Here he is with a really cute girl. Mick is wearing these really cool shoes.
Ronnie and Mick r good inspirations to work out more, man they are so fabulous-looking. But they ALL looked great, really beautiful.
And speaking of Keith, did u know that ol' ACC has nude pix of Keith on his honeymoon with Patti Hansen? Yup, i do. In most of the pix, he is sitting naked in the sun, on the balcony of a white-washed stucco building, looking out to sea. I've been saving them for years, didnt really know what to do with them, other than, um, admire them, if u catch my drift. Patti doesnt appear in any of the pix, which leads one 2 assume she was the photographer. Mick is in some of them (not naked)and there's an older gent, maybe Keith's father?
Oh yeah, back 2 the film. Sorry, got lost there 4 a minute. U should see it if u havent. Then play the Stones loud all the next day. Remember when LET IT BLEED came out? It seemed those songs were coming out of every open window u passed by.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy trying to get my arms to look like Ronnie's.
And how YOU doin'?


Paul said...

We loved Shine a Light too. I felt like I was on stage with them. Best sound I have ever heard at a concert or in a movie or a concert movie in fact.

Speaking of open windows and Let It Bleed, I bought that record at the store you used to work at. Cracked it open and cranked it at that house Steve Hoy and I lived in on Driscol Drive across the street from Russel, that guy who reappeared as Dennis Hopper's character in River's Edge. It seems like I was with Dave though instead of Steve. Anyway, when Country Honk came on I stood up and went over to the window to see who was out there honking.

Rich said...

honk honk!!

Rich said...

pinkster, i wanted 2 post that picture of u wif keef, but i couldnt figure out how 2 do it.
u two look great 2gether.

pinky said...

oh please do post me & keef.

i saw SAL a couple of months ago.
i LOVED it. what fun.
my arms DO look like Ronnie Woods'.