Saturday, July 11, 2009

hair r your aerials. they pick up signals from the cosmos and transmit them directly into the brain

I love Dean Wareham, that's all there is 2 it. Here's his big hair in Dunfermline, Scotland. It was Dean who reminded me of the great quote used 4 the title above, spoken by Danny, the dealer in Withnail and I.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy looking 4 funny pix of ppl with big hair. And speaking of pix, apologies for non-working links here. I dont understand how they can work one minute and not the next. Grrrrrr.
And how YOU doin'?


pinky said...

tiny bodies + big hair rule

Rich said...

yup, on my way 2 the store 2 buy big cans of frozen oj. :-)

pinky said...

think B I G !!!!

Andy said...

It helps Dean's hair look especially big because he's standing next to that bloke (er... me) with decidedly un-big hair!

Rich said...

hey andy!!! thanx 4 checkin' in!