Friday, July 31, 2009

u give me all 5 score please

Hello. U give me all 5 score please.
That's what the greeter-lady at the bank said to R today after she asked him to fill out a survey about how she was performing her greeter duties. So of course that's our new thing to repeat over and over like a coupla myna birds.
And speaking of great lines, i'm thinking of Dean Wareham's fantastic line "it's hard 2 think straight when you're feeling so great" after having a cappuccino at Cibo in Sausalito just now. I feel unnaturally good. I hope it doesnt swerve into the Alan Vega line "gonna crash gonna die...".
Yesterday's non-functioning link was a picture of several young adults in a tour van. It was night-time so the flash was on, and 2 donkeys were sticking their big heads in thru an open window. That's my new feature here...describing yesterday's bunk link. Why it shows up as a working link on my lappie, i have no idea. (I find out these links arent working only when it's brought2my attention by others.) Probably Paul Dodd would know.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy hoping this link works.
And how YOU doin'?

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Paul said...

The image is coming from Did you sign up at that site? You might have a cookie on your laptop that lets you in and forbids others to see it. Wild guess.

How about more behind the scenes reporting on the ACC sessions?