Monday, November 08, 2010

cant u hear me noddin'

Still reading the Keith Richards autobio. Jeez, how many bedrooms can one guy burn down? It all reminds me of junkies i've known and hung around with and i sure dont miss any of them. Nothing is ever their fault, these things just happen is the way they look at it. And not to give anything away in case u r planning 2 read the book, but Keith has had more serious accidents than i knew about, not just the falling out of the tree episode. Damn tree!
It's highly (heh heh) entertaining 2 read how all the Stones' records were made especially the great bits where Keith explains his 5 string method. It's made a big difference in how i hear the songs now and it's been fun walking around Sausalito with me headphones on. The guitars r just plain crazy beautiful.
Of course, you'll love the bit where he tells something very personal about ol' Mick.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy prancing around the houseboat doing my poncy MJ impression.

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Andy said...

I'm just a couple of chapters in and the fun hasn't really started (although reading the first chapter was enough to make me go and buy it) - glad it's good - I was wary after reading Ozzy's awful autobiog - how can that man's life story have turned into such a dull book? I have Lemmy's on my list too...