Saturday, February 19, 2011

how many arms and legs and hands does charlie watts have anyways?

The more i watch LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ETC. the more i think maybe there is someone else playing drums along with Charlie, like behind the curtain or something. Kind of like when it was decided back in the day that Ian Stewart would continue to play with the Stones, but not be seen from the audience. That's the only esplanation for where all the drum racket could be coming from. It doesnt seem possible that all the hits and strikes on the various parts of the drum kit could be accomplished by one person.
Well, everybody loves Charlie, right?

A and R will be attending a wedding soon. Hope we look half as good as this.


mxrich said...

... any chance we could hear more about the stones?
PS Did you read about the guy from the Decemberists whose parents split up and his dad took all the Rolling Stones records and his Mom took all the Neil Young?

ht said...

don't tell me, they left the kid the R.E.M?

Anonymous said...

REO Speedwagon

4D Advertising Group said...

I'm guessing it's all Charlie.