Sunday, March 25, 2012

je t'aime? u betcha

Watched the Serge Gainsbourg movie Heroic Life last night. Woo hoo. It's my favorite movie in quite some time. After watching it, i realized i didnt really know that much about Serge so i went to wiki where i saw that, quite annoyingly, everybody in the world who has covered one of his songs was listed EXCEPT MOI,  so R got busy and edited Serge's page and now i'm included too (under "covers and tributes"). This shot isnt from the movie but i wanted to use it anyway.

Tonite's movie: Harvey Keitel in Blindside. Watched a bit last nite. Looks-wise it's similar to films by Abel Ferrara, lots of splashes of lurid color with contrasting shadows. Cinematic-wise, it could be one of the worst movies ever but that never stops me if i like the way a movie looks.
Pass the popcorn and can i also have your strawberry galette? :-)

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carlos tropicana said...

a.f's best film, "bad lieutenant."