Sunday, March 24, 2013

sonny bozo

All caught up in the Phil Spector book. Phil had nicknames for everyone;he called Sonny Bono "Sonny Bozo". It's a fascinating book, even if u think u know all there is to know about him. Hmmm, that kinda sounds like a Spector song title.  The really good bits of info r the ones detailing the tons of deals Phil made during his career.
That was true in the Michael Jackson book as well.  Michael's deals have got to be the most insane deals ever made in the mucus bidness. Each deal would be contingent on some other past or future deal, it was one big dizzy maze. Because MJ was so far in debt to so many people, instead of the "payments" being actual pay-outs to him, the huge sums would be deducted from what he owed to so-and-so, or this one, or that one, with everybody lusting after the ultimate prize, Michael's ownership of the ATV catalog. I wish somebody would make an MJ 'deals chart' or spreadsheet or something, i'd love to read that.
And speaking of bozos,  have u seen the paintings done by W?
No tour or shows or anything...2busy brushing up.

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J Neo Marvin said...

My favorite Phil Spector story is in the new Leonard Cohen biography. When they were recording Death Of A Ladies' Man, Phil suddenly came up to Leonard, stuck a gun in his face, and said, "I love you, Leonard." Leonard replied, totally deadpan, "I hope you do, Phil."