Thursday, March 28, 2013

yellow is the color of

I'd always enjoyed Paul Williams' writing so i was pleasantly surprised one night after an ACC show when he introduced himself, saying he was an ACC fan, and invited me to work as a volunteer at the next Philip K. Dick newsletter mailing party.
The mailing parties were held in Paul's apartment in the Mission.  At the first one i attended,  I was the only female, so u know, there was that. Me and maybe 10 or 15 or so guys.  But the thing that really sticks with me is the image of them sitting around a big table in their jeans and tshirts, collating, folding, stapling,  stuffing, stamping, licking... and eating Cheetos. All their mouths were ringed in yellow and yellow was all over their fingers, on the pages of the newsletter, and the envelopes.
R.I.P. Paul Williams 1948-2013.

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