Friday, August 30, 2013

if u liked that maybe u'll like this

U know that service that recommends songs 2u based on what u just listened to?  Apparently,  if u like ACC, u may like the Tikis.
I liked the drums so i looked up the Tikis, hey wow! Ted Templeman was the drummer.
He's a great producer as well as an excellent drummer, i kind of followed his producer career backintheday; he was on a list of potential producers for ACC's White Courtesy Phone.  Ted's one of these producers that even if u dont particularly love the band, u like the general sound because it's just so attractive.
AND he's from Santa Cruz. (Here's a cool place2stay if u find yourself there. Kim and Dave once visited A&R at the Edgewater.)
Santa cruz is pretty cool. U got the Mystery Spot, the Boardwalk, and surfing, and u can drive by the house where George Earth was living when the Big One struck.
Still no tour or shows or anything...2busy swatting flies.

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