Saturday, August 17, 2013

r those bananas on my head or is rich just #happy2see me?

In the 80s Calistoga was empty, hardly anyone went there and u could have the place to yourselves. HT once went there with A&R, i remember him taking a glider-trip with R over the hills of the surrounding area which was blissfully un-developed then.
And speaking of HT, i heard the best song on his show yesterday: "Preservation" by Hookworms. Just now at the link i saw that someone called Spaceman 33 was also listening. Heh. Funny. Anyway i'm pretty much loving Hookworms. They're my new Loop.


pinky said...


Nsna Lorna said...

you guys are just too cute !

..sendin' love and HUGGGZZZ your way !


Paul Dodd said...

I've been looking at this photo for a few days and was afraid to ask at first but is Rich's head cut out and stuck over someone else's?