Thursday, September 05, 2013

it is the evening of the day

Turning the lights on at about 7:30-ish these days. May i repeat myself and say again that i'd b happy living in non-stop daylight.  With amusement i think of Paul D on these super-bright days, and how the Cali sunlight interferred with his picture-taking when he visited here.
Had a great yesterday adding beautiful gtr parts to 2 songs on ACC's Tom Petty project, courtesy of Bruce 'The Bruiser' Anderson.  And speaking of yesterday, did u know that the Aborigini language has no words for 'yesterday' or 'tomorrow'?  Learn more about fascinating Australia here.
Still no tour or shows or anything...2busy watching Wilfred.


Paul Dodd said...

Happy to provide some amusement. Looking forward to more Petty takes. Maybe you can get Tom's original drummer to play on a few tracks. I liked the way he dragged the beat.

pinky said...

lean and clean

angel corpus christi said...

me too, stan's the best.