Thursday, June 26, 2014

show me yours

It feels kind of sneaky to "go" inside other ppl's dwellings.  This place is on a neighboring dock; the editors at NON TOUR DIARY have a full view of the south and west sides of it, which glow golden yellow at sunset. The above pic shows the dock which is totally different than all the other docks.  First of all, the part u walk on is not wood, but a fire-safe material, which makes sense, right?  And the plants and olive trees have been placed on the outside of the railings rather than on the dock itself.  It's a streamlined look, not shmegeggy like the other docks.  The lighting is better too, recessed underneath the top railing and goes the whole length of the dock so u dont have these pools of light surrounded by darkness, which isnt that helpful at night.
Still no tour or shows or anything...2busy giving up looking for cool giphs.  One of those times when it feels like ive used up the internet.

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pinky said...

the shadows are really fun