Sunday, June 22, 2014

their eyes are blue

Saw the seriously good Dean Wareham show at the Chapel on Friday night. It appeared to be sold out and not one audience member left b4 the show was over.
There's a new drummer in the band, i liked his playing alot. It's difficult to lose drummers and audition new ones, it can put your band behind the 8ball for awhile but i had no complaints against this guy whatsoever and he was interesting to watch too, using mallets and brushes as well as sticks.
The words that come to mind as i'm trying to describe the band's performance:  'deep' and 'personal'. Beautiful gorgeous singing by Dean and Britta, with more singing by Jason Quever, who doubled up on Dean's lead vocals. So good.
I felt like i was witnessing something, something  important about how the years of dedication and perseverance have led to the deepness i was feeling, but u should read this instead of listening to my mumbly incoherence.
Tomorrow:  More on blueberries!

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Rich said...

+ 1 sez "yeah,really good show"