Wednesday, January 28, 2015

back in pizzizzmo bizznitch

Back in Pismo Beach for final nite of working vacay. (Well, one of us worked and the other one vacayed.)
They say that into each life a little rain must fall but why did my new pedometer have to fall in the toilet in the bathroom at the gas station?  When i came out and told R what had just happened, he, for some inexplicable reason, thought i said that the dental surgery mouthpiece i've been wearing for 3 weeks was the thing that fell in. Let's just say things got pretty crazy with me talking about the pedometer and R thinking i was talking about the mouthpiece and it all ended with R laughing so hard he had to lean on a telephone pole.
The sidewalks in Pismo have been treated with a smelly dark red sealant of some kind. As u stroll along, instead of the smell of the ocean breeze or cotton candy or pizza or popcorn, u smell varnish.   The finish is shiny which makes the sidewalk look wet and slippery.  It was apparently done to help "improve" sidewalk maintenance.   No good no bueno.  P.U.!


pinky said...

i've always wondered...what does "P.U." stand for?

angel corpus christi said...

maybe derived from when u hold your nose and say "pew, dat stinks."