Tuesday, January 27, 2015

locals say "carp"

Uh oh. I could really get used to this socal lifestyle. It is unbelievably gorgeous in Carpinteria. They take the outdoors very seriously here, there r many parks, the beach is beautiful and clean, no trash anywhere, no smoking allowed anywhere, so no cigarette butts laying all over the ground and sidewalks.  Huge public outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, campgrounds.  Really sweet very tall palm trees and majestic mountains.
No wind,  and mostly flat, u can ride a bike or scoot all over the place. I brought my scoot with me, it's been really great zipping around. Zipped past these cottages just now, maybe will stay there the next time, half the tab picked up by R's employer lynda.com.
Well, that's all for now, time to scoot back to Beach Bowl for my 3rd wellness shot of the day.  These shots make me feel like barking!  They r stiff!  And u know what "they" say.

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