Wednesday, March 11, 2015

so unbelievable OH!

Shit i just hurt my neck dancing to EMF. That song, what a groove it is.
During afternoon coffee today the NTD staff had a discussion about groove. U have no choice but to dance when u hear Unbelievable or Give It Up but not so with Turd, er, Blurred Lines. Jeez what a dud of a song. Anyway that doesnt have anything 2do with the case but the outcome and why the jury arrived at their decision is v interesting;RWS may write an article about it for, will keep u posted on that.
And speaking of blurred lines, been looking at a fan's blurry pix from the Suicide show the other nite at Webster Hall. First i thought "oh that's too bad, they're blurry" but then realized that hmmmm maybe blurry wasnt necessarily a bad thing in this instance if u catch muh driff. Hey they're not alone, i could benefit from having one of those blurry blue dots on my face,  u know, like permanently.
So anyway, yeah, my neck.  Oh well, that's what happens when u try to show off in front of your one&only.

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sasha said...

Oh man! Hope you're blurring around the HB feeling better soon xo