Sunday, January 24, 2010

acc in the (nofo)house!

THIS JUST IN! Yours Truly gets a big thumbs up from fans of North Fork Sound! (scroll down to Sunday, January 24th "last week's listener thumbs up"). Thank u to all who voted and my compliments on your extraordinarily good taste. :-)
I wanted to post a pic of Nofo's HT with both A and R, but after spending over an hour looking for it, had to bail. I'll post it when i find it again.
Also got excited today at NBT, another favorite place of mine, watching an MC5 clip. Jeezus-to-Murgatroyd, i feel like kickin' some ass when i watch this.
Is ANYthing even half this exciting these days? I aint think so. I sure am fortunate to have been in the audience at many many of their hair-raising shows.
Ok kids, later. Thanks Nofo!