Friday, January 22, 2010

does this nose make my ass look fat?

I'm searching 4 something entertaining 2 tell u but um i'm failing.
I picked this version of the song because of the cool drums. This is the way Dave Mahoney would have played it. I loved the way Dave played on ACC songs and when i complimented him once he said that he played "like a field-hand". And i used 2 love the way he bossed me around during songs. Like if i wanted to go faster or slower than he was going, i would try to ever-so-slightly change the tempo and he just wouldnt budge. He never went looking for weird stuff to play just for the hell of it like alot of drummers do, he would just keep to the pattern and play it perfectly. One of my favorite beats we used was like the beats on Surfer Joe. I coulda used that beat on every song. Actually, when i had my drum machine i DID use it on every song, just changed the tempo now and then. That was my Oberheim DX. We called her Dixie.

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