Sunday, January 10, 2010

in the lane, snow is glistenin'

Extra- special hello to you if this is your house.
All the rest-a u-all, i love u too.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy getting an eye-lift.
And how YOU doin'?


Garbo said...

Hi Angel,

My internet radio show, Velveteen Curtain, is going back online soon and I would like to talk to you about using a snippet from one of your CDs as intro music for a short story about redemption by accordion. If you would be willing to hear more about this, the show's e-mail is, and I'd love to hear from you. Thanks! Garbo

Anonymous said...

I inclination not approve on it. I over precise post. Expressly the appellation attracted me to study the unscathed story.

angel corpus christi said...

yeah, i getcha.