Saturday, January 30, 2010

neighbor neighbor, neighbor neighbor, neighbor neighbor, tink i love u

This beautiful art-installation is on permanent display next door to the NON TOUR DIARY offices. Gorgeous. This picture reminds me of one of those religious-type paintings where people r looking all glamorous and dramatic, draped in some fabric or other while inflicting/enduring multiple painful tortures.
Remember that 70s Neighbor Neighbor song? I cant find it anywhere but i can hear it really clearly in my mind right now. Anyways, Who-eee, it's A&R's theme song, if ya know what i'm sayin'. A&R started out as neighbors, and then HO! Say HO!
And speaking of long rides, no tour or shows or anything...2busy watching DISTRICT 9 in my head after watching it on a screen last night.
And how YOU doin'?

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