Friday, January 13, 2012

gawd i am SO portlandia

Dunno about u but i sometimes balk at buying yogurt because of the plastic packaging. Yes the containers r marked for recycling, but still, plastic is plastic. Then along comes the made in USA bpa-free Preserve toothbrush. Made from recycled yogurt containers, the toothbrush is packaged in a postage-paid mailer for the customer to use to return the used toofiebrush to Preserve, and it's recycled from there.
I have a fear of being faced with everything i've thrown away or "recycled" in my life. I dont want that pile to be as big as, well, as big the great outdoors. It can be hard being married to an environmentalist. Ask R.

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carlos tropicana said...

does that brush come with a usb plug-in?