Friday, January 27, 2012

moondog slept here

I had a room-mate in Bloomington who worked for CBS, and one of his jobs was to accompany the CBS acts while they were in town. One of these acts was Moondog, who, although brilliant, was very smelly.
I was visiting in Michigan during M-Dog's Bloomington shows so to cut down on tour expenses, without asking me, the room-mate invited M-Dog to sleep in my vacant bed.
I thought i smelled something "funny" when i returned to the apartment, but couldnt locate the source.
Took me shower, pulled back me bed covers, and saw that there was a crusty pile of dirt on me sheet and the smell that came wafting up was, well, awful.
The room-mate was totally unapologetic, he didnt see it as a problem. Sheesh.

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carlos tropicana said...

wow! that's an awesome memory to have of moondog. now i'm going to be creeped out every time i listen to his music!