Monday, January 02, 2012

steve albini's food blog

Hello. Readers may notice that from time to time Steve Albini shows up here at NON TOUR. Sadly, i do it because mentioning his name boosts my hits like u wouldnt believe. I know i know, kinda creepy 2 do that. Well, today R found this and so for once my use is legit. Scroll down 2 the bottom to see Steve's explanation of the site.
His choice of a name for his blog is interesting...Hey Steve, if Mario comes after u one of these days, i know a good trademark attorney. Oh wait, u already know him. Keep up the good work, bruh!
Shout-out Bobby and Todd Shellac. Come hell or high water i hope i see u guys soon.
And speaking of cool guys, i just found this picture of Bruce Anderson when he was still down on the farm.
Hope u ppl r all ok. Love, ACC

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