Wednesday, January 04, 2012

me and him

Spent some time at Ocean Beach today. There were alot of surfers, conditions were perfect. Sometimes i really miss living there. Looks like they love it there too. They're on the path in the dunes (2 blocks from A and R's old house on Anza Street) that leads down to the beach and the Great Highway. Here's what the Great Hwy looks like in the windy season which is kind of year-round. When the sand takes over the Hwy is closed to traffic and u can do this.
Everything west of 40th Avenue, and south and north of Point Lobos is so wide open with absolutely unlimited views and the air is clean and invigorating.
Oh. Almost 4got 2 recommend CONTROL. Pretty damn good. And pretty damn sad. A and R woke up sad the morning after watching it.

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