Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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This is my yoga teacher, y'all. She's beautiful. About 6 years ago i had this idea, well, i guess it was an idea for an idea, but i thought of this concept, well i guess it really was just a name for a concept... anyway, i called it YOGA, YOUR DOG AND YOU. I got the idea when the neighbor's dog would sit by the fence between my house and his, and watch me do yoga in my driveway. I'd be rockin'poses and he would be looking at me, and i'd ask him "how'm i doin'? how'm I doin'?" And he'd say "doin' good, doin' good." It's not like the idea was to do yoga with your dog like ppl do these days, it was more like u have your dog with you when u do your yoga.

No tour or shows or anything...2busy watching movies. Highly recommended: THE TALENT GIVEN US. Bye allayall. x0x0 Posted by Picasa

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