Wednesday, July 05, 2006

u can pick your friends


And u can pick your nose, but u cant pick the length that your nose will grow to. What i mean is, i think my nose is growing.

Remember Jamie "Long of Nose" Farr from the Gong Show? Did I spell your last name correctly, Jamie? And Gene Gene the Dancing Machine. And Juicy JP Morgan. And Little Della Bella. And of course the Unknown Comic. ACC has a poster signed by the Unknown Comic. He wrote: "Dear A, thanks for having my baby. And by the way, I LOVE what you do with cream cheese."

Dont EVEN ask. :-)

No tour or shows or anything. 2busy reliving the old days. Posted by Picasa


sasha said...

you make me look good.

le monde moderne said...

remember a punk band called "Static Clinque", I think? I may have them on tape somewhere in the archive... oh, and who could forget the lollipop twins?

Rich said...

and what about static disposal? hampton grease band?