Monday, July 10, 2006

cousin it


Got a(nother) new haircut. Hmmmm.

Gee i was reading other ppl's blogs...some ppl write huge amounts. I get in front of the screen and cant think of what2say. I was reading a link at Monde Moderne, i think it's called Attack of the 5Foot Woman or something like that. Wow, she can really go. The dog, the husband, the tv shows, on and on. I wish my blog would be more like that, but i just dont talk that much. I'd rather spy on other ppl. Then report what THEY'RE doing.

That's why i LOVE window-peeping. Or is it window-peeking? One of the best peeks i ever saw was in Calistoga, Cali. This man and woman were sitting at a small, square wooden table in a tiny bare-bones kitchen. On their table was a bottle of Jack Daniels, 2drinking glasses, a pack of Marlboros and an ashtray. AND, get this, they were playing Hank Williams vinyl. Just sitting there drinking, smoking and listening.

A really weird one i saw when i was a kid (wow, look, my blog is having words!)...the mother of the house was putting sugar on her kids' cottage cheese. I dont know, it seemed weird at the time. Now it sounds kinda good! Well, of course, IF the cottage cheese was rennet-free and organic. And then the sugar would have2b some over-priced organic sugar too. Right now we have brown sugar from Mauritius oh oh is that spelled wrong? Anyway, it's delip-shis. Very dark brown. Costs WAY2much. ORGANIC, dont ya know.

Lately i am questioning all this money i spend on organic produce. The other day i was shopping with Bruce Anderson, and he bought non-organic tomatoes for 49cents a pound. At my co-op, organic heirlom tomatoes were $6.19 a pound 2day. I dont mind paying more, but THAT MUCH MORE? wtf? It IS the middle of the summer, after all. And they were grown right around here too. Know what i'm sayin'?

Anyway, not 2exciting huh? Tomato prices, haircuts. No sex, no drugs(weed dont count). Still got the rock and roll tho. Jeez, thank god.

So, you know, no tour, no shows or anything. 2busy using the new Weed(no, not THAT kind of weed)Wacker. Posted by Picasa


sasha said...

first of all, BOTH of those tomato prices are WAY out of line. second of all, i cannot tell which side of your head i am looking at. it looks like the back, but also the side. ?? please post other angles.

Rich said...

ha ha. i know. that's why "cousin it". look at my profile on the right side of the picture. see my nose and lips and chin?