Saturday, September 05, 2009

old and improved

Well, we r actually doing it. Or starting 2 do it, is maybe more like it. The A&R REPORT(originally published in the 80s)is coming 2 your laptop soon!(click the pic then click FULLSCREEN for more options). The online version will allow readers, 4 the first time, to see the original "artwork". Honk honk!!!!
Had a productive day at the Stimboleum, now we chillaxin'.
No tour or shows or anything..2busy looking 4 bear.
And how YOU doin'?
P.S. Friendly reminder that we r paying top dollar for a copy of SUSPICIOUS MINDS by Playette. If u have one, may we borrow it please?


Christopher Stigliano said...

Is that the Playette cassette release you're talking about? If so you can borrow mine anytime baby!

Paul said...

So good to see the A&R Report back!

Hotcha said...

I'm from swiss cassette label Calypso Now, I've released the playette tape (the one with the song 'so hard', as far as I can remember); just today I found the master cassette sirius sent me back in '84(?), with playette and segments on it. I'd be glad to be of some help.

BTW, was looking for you 'cause I'd like to host the tape on my blog dedicated to the tapes we distributed/released in the 80's. If I hadn't found you, I would probably have hosted it anyway, hoping not offending anyone...