Wednesday, September 09, 2009

take a look at what's comin' down the track comin' down the track

So MX80 lives on. This guy is so cute! Right? We're told that he performed MX's song TRAIN TO LOVELAND in this get-up. Dont try this at home tho kids! (I mean the bit about pinning a button 2 your forehead).
No tour or shows or anything...still 2busy wondering what 2 do with all the fooking ACC vinyl in the Stimboleum basement. Anybody got any bright ideas?
And how YOU doin'?


Thomas said...

ACC vinyl? Sure, send it to me :D

carlos tropicana said...

'zat a member of los straitjackets?

Rich said...

Carlos, he is O.S. D'vil. (what kinda name is THAT? almost as dumb as angel corpus christi. -Ed.)