Monday, September 07, 2009

welcome back, this light's 4u

Hello. Please click the pix 2 see large 4mat. Thank u.
Ran into a guy at Other Avenues 2day who's glad 2 finally b back in the bay area permanently. I kin relate.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy watching the sunset's reflection in the neighbor's window.
And how YOU doin'?


Anonymous said...

thanks a
good seein u 2
funny but i useta have hydrangeas growin
in my own garden
always liked'em

carlos tropicana said...

somedays i wanna be your neighbor. then i think, winter's coming and lord knows i'll miss sub-zero temps, ice, snow and pain in the ass commutes.

Rich said...

carlos, i've always wanted 2 have a neighbor just like u, i've always wanted 2 live in a neighborhood with u. so let's make the most of this beautiful day, since we're 2gether we mite as well say 'would u b mine, could u b mine, wont u b my neighbor? Please wont u neighbor. Hi neighbor!