Sunday, March 20, 2011

i was sleepin' like a rat when i heard somethin' jerkin', and there stood Iggy lookin' like a little gherkin

Had a(nother) Iggy dream last night.
Actually, it was more like he came into my dream and got me and we got on a huge bus that travelled on a luge-like track. At one point, we started going downhill at a fast speed, so fast it was kind of sickening for both of us.
I asked him where his car was, and he said we were taking this bus to get to his car. I assumed he had a bitchin' ride but when i asked him what kind it was, he wouldnt tell me, but just got a devilish look in his eye and said if he told me it wouldnt be a surprise. Well, the surprise turned out to be that he was giving me his car. We finally got off the free-falling bus and walked to where his car was parked but i didnt recognize the make/model. And no wonder i couldnt, it was a one-of-a-kind car that he had special-ordered, kind of like commissioned.
I stood there looking at it and he smiled really big and handed me the keys. So i drove us around for awhile, just going here and there, and he asked me how i had been doing. Amazingly, he remembered me from back in the day!
When Iggy first started out, i'd be at every show. In the beginning, these shows were held in odd and small venues, one was during the day in a cafeteria of a school. He was pretty angry at that show, probably at the person who booked him, and i remember him throwing the chairs around and turning over a couple of the long tables. There was no stage or anything. Maybe he was mad too because the few people who were there werent really into him.
Did u know that one of his legs is longer/shorter than the other? Neither did I.
It was all very friendly and chummy and nothing X-rated or anything like that. We drove around a little while longer, got some snacks, then ACC woke up.
And how YOU doin'?

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