Saturday, March 12, 2011

the surf went up the surf went up

This footage may not seem dramatic to viewers unfamiliar with the water of Richardson Bay but when watching keep in mind that this water is normally calm and quiet and slow-moving. Yesterday it was taking about 2 minutes for 12" to 24" of water to come in AND go back out. This continued pretty much all day. The water turned black and there were whirlpools, one of them looked to be about 40' in diameter. Here's some footage taken from other docks in Sausalito. I asked one of our neighbors to estimate the speed of the biggest surge. His answer was "faster than a person could run." That really stuck with me...i dont think i'd hang around near the bay's edge again in a similar situation. Just sayin'.


Kimsy99 said...

Wow, I was wondering how all that fury would affect your immediate surroundings. Mother Nature got old-testament angry.

angel corpus christi said...

if this boat's rockin'

4D Advertising Group said...

Love the dramatic footage.