Tuesday, March 01, 2011

no head no backstage pass

LOVE my new Stones t-shirt. And speaking of the Rolling Stones, have u ever been backstage at a Stones show? Sadly, i havent.(Didnt that window of opportunity close a long time ago?-Ed.) But even if i had, i wouldnt have been doing the groupie thing. Whenever i've been backstage, all i wanted to do was listen to the recording of the show that just happened.
Shit, this Latisse prescription is not working the way it's spoze to.


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This shirt is beyond sick! I have an inexplicable attachment to any Stones shirt that I see ... it's like a maternal instinct, if you replace mothering with groupie-ness. Whenever I see something Stones, I have the insatiable urge, "I gotta have it, gotta have it, gotta have it."

I would like to think that if I finagled my way backstage at one of their shows, I wouldn't do the groupie thing, but I honestly don't know ... I think I wouldn't have the nerve to be groupie-esque. I would be wayyy too shy and just stand in the corners and gawk at everyone. Far less glamorous than the bevy of broads throwing themselves at Mick and the boys :)

Thanks for checking out my site - I look forward to reading yours more in the future!


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