Monday, June 03, 2013

and speaking of big hits...

Here's me with MX80 bassist extraordinaire Dale Sophiea. I took my first trippy with Dale waaaaay back when, and became convinced that night that he was thinking about strangling me with a scarf that was on my sofa.  Paralyzed with paranoia, i was too afraid to say anything but i must have had a weird look on my face or something because he kept saying "Is everything alright?"
In my altered state his question sounded sinister and mocking.  He'd brought over Surrealistic Pillow and that didnt help matters any;the sound of Jorma's guitar sounded just awful. (Still does. -Ed.)
Then Dale wanted to go swimming. I lived in a semi-posh apartment complex at the time, it had a really nice pool and this sounds terrible i know, but i was embarrassed that one of the residents would see me with a long-haired freak.
Hi Dale!

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pinky said...

oh that is so sweet.
What a great photo.