Sunday, June 02, 2013

haircut 100

Back in Bloomington, Bruce "The Bruiser" Anderson was the ladies' haircutter of choice. He and I thought it was so funny that hardly anyone, no matter how cool they were,  liked this haircut. I remember somebody saying with horror "How could u let him do that to you?"  I loved it and im glad i stumbled across this picture.
Caroline Peyton would get topless for her haircuts.  There'd be other ppl hanging out, milling around during the cut, it was fine with her but i was way too shy to do that.  I also never went skinny-dipping at the quarries like everyone else did.  Well, i tried it once but was uncomfortable so i didnt do it again.
Still no tour or shows or anything...2busy chillin'.


pinky said...

My fave haircut of all times.

sasha said...

Wall to wall glam.

Nsna Lorna said...

"this is my girl side, this is my boy side"