Friday, June 21, 2013


RWS to-do list today:
**appear on livestreaming PBS podcast. Check.
**listen to WPKN while riding bike thru the trees of Corte Madera. Check.
Every other Friday Howard Thompson dj's the PURE show on PKN. This week he played ROADBLOCK OF SOUND (title?) from the recently re-issued MX debut album HARD ATTACK.
R was riding his bike, listening, and ACC was on the hb listening. We each had a (gulp) moment hearing the song, what can i tell u. It was intense for both of us and i couldnt help but wonder how HT was feeling too. 
Earlier in the show HT played DOWN by yours truly. If there's anything better than listening to Howard's PURE show, it's hearing yourself being played on the show.  The song b4 DOWN was
This Corrosion by the SOM, and i liked the way mines sounded following that one. Gosh taking drugs and going to Sisters shows used2b so much fun.
At a party around that time, HT told me  "Ange, make sure there's lots of vodka and cranberry.  That's Andrew's tipple."


The Dear Rich Staff said...

alternative title: Man on the Move

sasha said...

Color us impressed! Thanks for the heads up re rich on the podcast. We watched him on tv and he was excellent as always.