Wednesday, July 17, 2013

flowered up

Friends from Berkeley visited A&R on the HB, and brought cake and these flowers. Nice.
Speaking for everyone in the room because i'm bossy like that, i thanked them 4the cake but said it wouldnt get eaten at the HB so they should take the cake home and enjoy it there. When i started to put the cake back in its box, there was a mini-outburst and the people spoke: They wanted their cake.Almost a little panicked that maybe they wouldnt be having any.  It was funnier than it sounds here. Also, they were probably not looking forward to eating whatever healthfood snax i had put out.  Things like organic agave-infused young Thai coconut balls dipped in mashed yeast, things like that.
I've always been bossy. I LOVE telling people what to do. Now stop doing that!


Paul Dodd said...

you da boss

Uncle Chumley said...

Who took that terrific picture of you?