Sunday, July 14, 2013

put a stamp on it

Just received this ultra-hip Stamp Lamberts Productions t-shirt from me old pal Kevin Teare. Kevin and Chris Stamp were neighbors/friends when Chris still lived in Sag Harbor. I love the shirt. Nice swag, Kebn, thank u.  Im sorry about your friend.  He was such a dynamic person.
And speaking of girls in tight t-shirts,  heard some Archie Shepp coming from R's office today and i suddenly shot back to the early 1970s. (i was listening to alot of jazz then.) Anyway, shot back to then and recalled being in the audience at an Archie Shepp performance in a small club.  There were two sets and i was surprised when Archie came over and sat at my table during the break.   We were talking and having drinks and he asked me if i'd be interested in "traveling" with him.   Jee, it sounded so exciting and glam, on the road with a bunch of musicians,  i guess i was somehow thinking that i'd be up on stage with them, like dancing around or even singing, i dont know.  Then realized 'hey wait a minute'.  So  I asked Mr Shepp "what would i be doing?"  and he burst out laughing.  Oh, ok.  Never mind.


pinky said...

at the Indianapolis bus station i was approached by a freak with lots of hair all over who asked me if i'd like to go on the road with ZZTop.

"Who the f is ZZTop?" i replied and walked away.

He was no Captain BEEFHEART

angel corpus christi said...

i guess not every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man :-)

pinky said...

nice rack, btw

angel corpus christi said...

ha! dishtowels stuffed into bra. aint nobody wanna see lil cupcake hooters these days.