Monday, September 09, 2013

i've heard of putting sneakers on roosters, but elephants?

This post's title sounds like a punchline. And speaking of punchlines, i had intended to share a joke with u but when i tried to type it up just now, i couldnt get it to sound right. So here's your punchline: "Hi, I'm Tonto Goldstein."
With I-tal i can fight all: dinner of brown rice/brussel sprouts/salmon/salad/watermelon/green grapes/pear juice.
And speaking of brussels, the other day in the car we r driving along and R pops up with the question "How many minutes was it in Brussels?"
Still no tour or shows or anything...2busy with Bible studies.

1 comment:

Nsna Lorna said...

you are too funny !
loved the elephant gif,
and the Jesus one was pretty cute, too !
all those tea-partiers should love that !!!
know what ?
love you !!!
lorna lou