Wednesday, September 25, 2013

what is it good for?

Listening to the Salinger audiobook but not sure if ima be able to finish it. The detailed war scenes and death camp descriptions are, as Kato Kaelin would say "sick-making." I imagine that the authors' reasoning for including so much of this war info is to give readers insight into JD's wounded psyche but it's getting harder and harder to keep listening.
I had the biggest crush on Salinger for years and i memorized entire pages of Catcher.  Some of my favorite bits were the ones about Sally Hayes.
Do u remember when he hooked up with Elaine Joyce?  That was a crazy moment in pop culture.
So i figured what i'd do is, maybe take a break and go back to it later or not listen to such big chunks in one gulp.  It does seem disrespectful and weak to not continue.  Plus there's all kinds of previously unpublished material.
Listening yesterday i learned that a good friend of R's father served in the same unit as Salinger in the 2nd world war.  I recognized his name and recalled that i sat next to him at our wedding party.  Wow. I had been sitting next to someone who had shared a muddy, miserable, frozen foxhole with J.D. Salinger.


Unknown said...

Amazing post honey. I luv yer blog.

angel corpus christi said...

Heater why cant there be 2 of u???

Unknown said...

In me mind there are about 26 of me.....sorta like Sybil!