Friday, December 16, 2005



Brrrrrrrrrrr..43F in San Francisco. It's cold, and it's damp. That's why the lady, THAT's why the laydee, that's why the LAYDEE is Sitting Here Shivering.
O-nay Ewer-tay 4me. Speaking of pig latin, have u ever heard "boptalk"? Every vowel says its own name. After every consonant, say "opp". So...the word "cold" would be "copp-o-LOPP-dopp." The word "blog" would be "bopp-LOPP-o-gopp". "Bite the bone" would be "bopp-I-TOPP-E-,Topp-HOPP-E, Bopp-o-NOPP-E. Ya with me??? x0x0 Posted by Picasa


sasha said...

after all these years, i finally get your weird opp language. i think i needed to see it in writing. thanks a-u-nopp-topp-i-e. c u soon, beeeatch!

Lindsay Hutton said...

Sounds like the bloody Woodentops (UK kids show called Watch With Mother) innit.