Thursday, December 15, 2005

hats amazing


Still working on hand-made chrishmish cards2send out. A coupla chrishmishes ago, my gift to HUMAN4ANIMAL was hand-made cards complete with postage, all ready2b mailed out(except the addresses). That was a good gift... stress-reducing prezzies is good. The only prezzy we've received so far is a 12pound tin of chrishmish cookies. Trying2think what2do with it. It's not appealing in any way. Unlike the big box of chocolates at the chiropracter's office today. I almost almost had one. (Or more. Who can eat only one candy? Especially when they r all different.) The doctor took my arm off then put it back on. Much better. Might be able2tour soon. NOT!!!!!!! :-) Posted by Picasa

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sasha said...

speaking of candy, that hat rhymes with...and looks like a tiny confection. C U soon, sucka!