Saturday, December 03, 2005

pink pink u stink


Not really...u smell wonderful. Real nice. Mmmmmmmm. And we are smelling good too. Like a veritable rose/s. We r giving off good smells because we r happy with our AMG review of LOUIE LOUIE. And also a nice one(we think)in a French magazine. Walked around North Beach 2day... the Savoy Tivoli, the Zoetrope Building, Washington Square Park, Capps Corner. Capps Corner is where we first met Tony Dingman, the self-described "designated drinker" of the Coppola crew back in the day. Which day? The 1978-79 day. Anyway, thought about doing a show, but didnt actually do one.

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austin j said...

luv the pink but not the stink....maybe sf is in my plans soon....jerome of Austin