Sunday, August 26, 2012

headaches headaches earthquakes chocolate cakes chocolate cakes

Picasa has all these new buttons to push.  I'm liking the pixel button.
There were several EQs in southern Cali 2day, hope my friend George is aight.  Northern Cali hasnt had any for awhile, thank G-d.
Provided the lyrics to Someday You'll Be King to a fan who couldnt quite understand all of them.   That got me thinking about other MX lyrics, and these popped into my head:

Reach for your smokes
You dont smoke anymore.

Anyway, no tour or shows or anything...2busy helping a friend with her Halloween costume.  I know it's early but these things take time.

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pinky said...

i spend 20+ years of my life making sure photos are not pixelated, now there's a filter to do it on purpose?