Tuesday, August 28, 2012

i want everything (pixelated)

And speaking of wanting everything, when the hell did THIS come out?  I guess it's poss that i knew about it and have 4gotten?   It'd be kind of hard to 4get snazzy red vinyl tho.   Help me out if u can.
No tour or shows or anything...2busy afterthefactor.

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Andy said...

Trawled through my email and found this I posted to the Galaxie 500 Mailing list in Jan 2001

A new single has been released by Angel Corpus Christi featuring Dean
Wareham - here are (as many of) the details as I could track down

Angel Corpus Christi
You (Ross/Stim)
I Want Everything (Luna)

it's a 7" in red vinyl and limited to 200 copies - I understand DW plays
guitar AND produces

on "Emmas House Recordings" (who I think are from Manchester? But I haven't
managed to track down contact details yet - any help...)

more details when (or if) I lay my hands on a copy.

and later I posted this...

Ltd edition of 200, red vinyl and label handnumbered, so is the sleeve.
Labelnumber EHR 3. It comes with two inserts: one gives info on Emmahouse
releases, second on the two songs:

I have a copy!