Wednesday, August 22, 2012

lil angel corpus christi

ACC's high-school graduation photo.   Awwwwwww...said everyone.
And speaking of moi, i'm just hearing this really cool mix for the first time. (Thanks HT)
I'd seen it mentioned here and there but hadnt heard it til now. It sounds pretty good i think.
During the recording session for this song Jason didnt like that my accordion had to take a breath in between the in-and-out of the bellows;he wanted the sound to keep going, uninterrupted. He didnt exactly understand how the accordion works (similar to a person taking a breath while singing) and whenever the sound would stop he'd make an impatient annoyed face. I showed him how the bellows worked and why it was impossible to get the sound that was in his head, but i could totally appreciate where he was coming from.  In the studio u just want what u want and u dont want 2 hear that it cant happen.
What a cute picture. I love that the duct-tape label on the tour case is an entire sentence rather than just "Farfisa".
Honk if u love the Spaceman!

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mxrich said...

you left out the part about the cat eating the left over fish and chips