Friday, August 24, 2012

the A's have it

A and R spent the morning listening to the PURE show on WPKN hosted by Howard Thompson, where this trio of tunes was played: Andrew Eldritch's "Temple of Love" followed by Angel Corpus Christi's "I'm 18" and then on to "Under My Wheels" by Alice Cooper.  I was pretty pleased that the drums on my song didnt sound too shabby, considering that they came right after the ferociousness of Doktor Avalanche.
And speaking of A's, it was just great to hear that the mighty Alan Vega is back in the recording studio.  Alan suffered a serious ailment awhile back so it's good to know he is up and running again.  Whew.
Folks, if u can, check out this highly entertaining show.  (So entertaining this week that, whoa! apparently the host ripped his trousers.  Dont ask.)  Every Friday 1-3 pm EST.  Or listen at another more convenient time, but listen!
Thanks HT!  Your Twizzlers r in the mail.

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