Wednesday, August 29, 2012

speaker of the house

Drove BFF Rich to Sunnyvale last night for another of his brilliant talks at the Patent Library. Audience members r asked to fill out an evaluation form at the end of the speech and i noticed that on the back of one of the forms someone had doodled "He funny".
And speaking of driving, just came across this picture which reminded me of taking long drives in Michigan in the 70s. Back then u could get these cute lil speed pills called White Crosses and i had eaten a bunch and smoked some hash, and all of a sudden, right in the middle of the highway, up sprung a huge structure, like a giant erector set. (Heh heh, u said "erector") Thank G-d that shits was just an hallucination, and i drove right thru it with nary a scratch.


The Dear Rich Staff said...

speaking of driving under the influence, did you know if you type "DUI California" into Google, my picture comes up (and I don't drink or drive)

angel corpus christi said...

um, no, we didnt know that.